Double Cut Pueblo Rubbed Porterhouse Pork Chop

Double Cut Pueblo Rubbed Porterhouse Pork Chop

David Clark

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time: Prep- 5min  Cook- (Smoke Pellet Grill) 2hr 15min, (BBQ) 20min

Serving Size: Feeds 2+ people


2 inch Porterhouse cut pork chop

Pueblo Spice Rub

(Pellet Grill- Any fruit wood, apple preferred)

Step 1- Pat dry pork chop. Generously rub on Pueblo (a little more then you think)

Step 2- Smoke for 2 hrs at 165 degrees. Remove chops from heat and raise temperature to 475 degrees. When temperature is reached place chops back on the grill for 3-5 min per side or desired color. Remove rest and enjoy.

Open Grill- Grill until desired internal temp: Pull chop off grill 5-10 degrees less then desired eating temp and let rest for 5-10min.

Medium Rare- 145  

Medium-          150

Medium Well-  155

Well-                160